Comic 20 - Booger Eaters

16th Apr 2012, 8:59 PM in PilotEpisode1
Booger Eaters
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Dante 16th Apr 2012, 8:59 PM edit delete
Here are 12 of the 16. I wanted it to look like they're on T.V. I dont know why I thought blue


jerrie 18th Apr 2012, 10:29 AM edit delete reply
Great page! Hey, are you going to have female wrestling also? or mixed matches?
Dante 18th Apr 2012, 12:03 PM edit delete reply
Yeah I will I haven't made all the Dynasty Divas yet. I was just going to use this comic as a way to get back into drawing comics since it had been so long. Last time I drew an entire 23 page was when I was 18. I just turned 42 on the 14th. But I think this will be my main comic. So I have a mixed tag team belt for the second story arc I am planning. Maybe I can guest star one of your girls? And thanks man for being my one subscriber LOL. I appreciate it for real.
jerrie 19th Apr 2012, 1:25 AM edit delete reply
I'm in my forties also!LOL!!!!(we're the old guys of this site) I'm your only subscriber? I'm sure you'll get more as your comic progresses. Hey I only have 11 stats says folks are reading though, so I try not to get discouraged!
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