Here I go
by Dante


 I've always wanted to do a comic. I've held myself back by not thinking I was good enough. I think it's time to put that crap behind me and get some pages done. BoogerEaters is a way for me to ease into doing this. I've always thought wrestlers were the real life comic book guys :) So what better subject to start doing my thing with. I mean guys, girls, action, every wrestler has some type of storyline, perspective, talking heads LOL. Anyway the basis of my story is when pro football went on strike in the 80's, pro wrestling took over as the number 1 sport. Congress outlawed pre determined matches, and fake moves. Well one company rose to be the main wrestling league and all others were forced to close down. Until now, when a new company is hoping to rise to the number one spot. With it's mix of old and new wrestling superstars and mysterious owner, things are looking up. I got the name BoogerEaters from a sports talk radio host that said only booger eaters watch wrestling. check out my blog to see my character designs